“The justice in Punjab has been crucified on the cross of law, and if the nation does not demand resurrection of the right to justice, constitutional guarantees may degenerate into printed rhetoric and human rights die a natural death.”

Justice Krishna Iyer (Retd Judge of Supreme Court)

“Under the Terrorist Act, law completely deprives an accused person of any semblance of a fair and just trial.”

Soli Sorabhji (an eminent jurist)

“This law is a savage law which no civilized country could tolerate. State should not become terrorists if there is a private “terrorism” in the country.”

Justice V.M. Tarkunde

“If there is any gang of organized criminals in India, it is known by the name of Indian Police.”

Justice A.N. Mullah

(Allahbad High Court)

“Prima Facie — the anatomy of the special courts is incredibly terrorist in operation.”

Justice K. Iyer

Contributed by S. Amrik Singh Gill Stockton

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 13, 1989