There is no doubt that India will break. The last election  held in India were a clear referendum that the people of Punjab no longer wish to be a part of Indi. These elections also told us clearly that the average person living in Punjab favors a separate homeland, Freedom-fighters called for a boycott to protest the elections. After the initial call was made, the Akali leadership responded, Which to my surprise, their response showed that there still might be hope for them for they once listened to logic instead of leadership. People of Punjab Proved to the free world that they are fed up with the Indian Govt. ‘There is definitely no hope for this new government receiving less than 20% polling.  This should be  a very clear verdict for Delhi that the citizens of Punjab do not accept them as their government.

Rumors were spread to defame the boycott call by saying that the militants would Kill the first five ‘voters. These rumors had no effect whatsoever on the boycott call realistically how could the freedom fighter skill innocent people. Why would they kill the very people’s rights they are struggling for? It doesn’t make any sense.

India had been trying very hard to tarnish the image of the freedom fighters because they could see the affection growing for them, A true freedom-fighter could ‘never do any act of terrorism, but rather be the one that fights terrorism. The low turnout proves that the majority wants Katist an not elections. Hindi-Hindu Hindustan is doomed. There is no future for them as state, Just like the Soviet-Union, India’s walls will crumble and then liberation of thesis Kashmir and all their ‘minority nations will be born out of it.

 Ranjit Sing Dosanji International Sikh Youth Federation ‘Sub-Unit Vancouver

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992