WASHINGTON, D.C. Senator Gordon J. Humphrey has said that the United States should also encourage India to sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty while it is trying to persuade Pakistan to do that.

Talking informally to Pakistani newsmen at his office the Senator agreed that the recent remarks by the U.S. envoy in Islamabad that Pakistan must sign the treaty whether or not India signs it were one sided.

He discussed the prospects of the current round of Geneva talks between Islamabad and Kabul and hoped that Pakistan would not let the sacrifices of millions of Afghans go wasted.

Senator Humphrey, who is Chairman of a bipartisan Congressional Task Force on Afghanistan, pointed out that the so-called reconciliation plan Kabul and Moscow are trying to sell to Pakistan and rest of the world has already been rejected by the Mujahideen.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 20, 1987