India always lacked political unity. It was never a political unit before 1857. This unity under the political domain of the British lasted for 90 years when again India was dismembered in 1947 Samudar Gupta considered being Napoleon of India could not bring the Panjab and South under his paramount. The regional distinctions tended to keep alive the spirit of local autonomy in well-marked political units. The whole country passed through a series of foreign invasions but these units (States) under different names and various ruling dynasties continued their individual existence almost throughout the course of history.

There are two opposing tendencies found among the people in India. The advocates of the existence of the national unity assert that India is the house of Aryans and all others are not ‘sons of the soil’ They claim that Hinduism is the rightful religion of India and Indian culture is Hindu culture They also wish to unify culture by slogan of Hindi Hindu Hindustan


Article extracted from this publication >> May 3, 1991