Sikhism has been misunderstood by many writers including some Sikh authors. They wrongly regard it to be one more faith added to the already existing plethora of religions. The first formal sermon Nanak gave was, “Do not identify any person as a Hindu or a Musalman. We all are simply human beings.” He preached, there are only One God, one humanity, and only one faith. The fact that, to remember him, we choose a name, such as Allah, Ram, Gobind etc. should not mislead us to believe that there are many gods and many religions. Different names for the Father, God and different methods to worship him, have originated just because of different cultures and different languages spoken by the people. Neither the affection nor the relationship is changed if one addresses his father as Dad or Papa. This philosophy of Nanak was acceptable to Hindus, Muslims and even Christians (See World Sikh News last issue), Some of the often quoted comments of a few modern writers describing Sikhism as a New Faith for the modern man are given below. The analysis of each principle of Sikh faith would reveal that it has a universal appeal without any dogmatic faith in any ritual. Many thinkers agree that Sikhism is a faith for the modern man. HLL Bradshaw:

  1. i) “Sikhism is a Universal World Faith message for all men. This is amply illustrated in the writings of the Gurus. Sikhs must cease to think of their Faith as just another good religion’ and must begin to think in terms of SIKHISM being the religion for this New Age….The religion preached by Guru Nanak is the faith of the New Age. It completely supplants and fulfills all the former dispensations of older religions. Books must be written proving this. THE OTHER RELIGIONS CONTAIN THE TRUTH BUT SIKHISM CONTAINS THE FULLNESS OF TRUTH…”
  2. ii) “Guru Granth Sahib of all the world religious scriptures alone states that, there are innumerable worlds and universes other than our own. The previous scriptures were all concerned only with this world and its spiritual counterpart. To imply that they spoke of other worlds as does the Guru Granth Sahib, is to stretch their obvious meanings out of context. The Sikh religion is truly the answer to the problems of Modern Man.”

Dorothy Field:

  1. i) “Pure Sikhism is far above dependence on Hindu rituals and is capable of a distinct position as a world religion. SO LONG AS SIKHS MAINTAIN THEIR DISTINCTIVENESS.


The religion is also one which should appeal to the occidental mind. It is essentially a practical religion. If judged from the pragmatically stand point which is a favorite point of view in some quarters, IT WOULD RANK ALMOST FIRST IN THE WORLD. Of no other religion can it be said that it has made a nation in ‘so short a time.”

  1. ii) “The religion of the Sikhs is one of the most interesting at present existing in India, possibly indeed in the whole world.

A reading of the Granth strongly suggests that Sikhism should be regarded AS A NEW AND SEPARATE WORLD RELIGION RATHER THAN A REFORMED SECT OF THE HINDUS.”

Arnold Toyanbee:

“Mankind’s religious future may be obscure; yet one thing can be foreseen. The living higher religions are going to influence each

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 22, 1985