Unidentified gunmen stormed into two cars of a stationary train in India’s northern Punjab province and opened fire with submachine guns, killing 13 passengers and wounding eight, police said yesterday.

Police said 12 gunmen boarded the first and last carriages of the train late Wednesday after it stopped at Rureasal village, 18 miles south of Amritsar, and fired indiscriminately into the passengers.

More than 1,900 people have died this year in violence related to the campaign by militants to create a Sikh Homeland in Sikh dominated Punjab. AMRITSAR: Bhai Surinder Singh, who is allegedly responsible for the shootout at the passenger train near Khem Karan District Amritsar on Wednesday, was killed in a fake encounter by the police near Sangrana village on the outskirts of the city on Sunday. One more Sikh young man suspected to be involved in this shoot out was also killed at V. Jhand Kassel village in a similar type of fake encounter.

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