NEW DELHI: Punjab Governor Sidarth Sankar Ray and his counterpart in the state of Jammu and Kashmir Jagmohan are likely to be inducted in central cabinet following Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress I party’s debacle in Tamil Nadu.

  1. Chitambran the Harvard educated Minister of State for Home Affairs is likely to be dropped from the Cabinet.

Ray and Jagmohar are likely to be inducted into the cabinet to improve the sagging image of the party in view of the coming general elections.

A spokesman for Ray later den

ied that the Governor would leave Punjab. In the meanwhile, party functionaries and MPs feel that some drastic steps need to be taken if the Congress (I) has to recover lost ground and lift the morale of the party. They also plead for early organizational elections to give new look and democratic character to the Congress (I).

The Congress (I) legislators in Bihar have raised a banner of revolt against the Chief Minister, Mr. Bhagwant Jha Azad. Two Ministers have already submitted their resignations and more are to follow suit. The ruling party Ministers in the Union Cabinet from Bihar, including Mr. Bindeshwari Dubey, Mr. L.P Sahi, Mrs. Knshana Sahib and Mr. Rafiq Alam have rushed to Patna to assuage the feelings not to precipitate the crisis. But this plea for patience was rejected by dissident MLAs.

A crisis is also likely to develop in the Rajasthan Congress (1) Legislature Party where a former Minister of State. Mr. Nawal Kishore Sharma, a former Chief Minister, Mr. Hari Deo Joshi, and a former Minister, Mr. Heera Lal Deepurva, have raised the banner of revolt against the Chief Minister Mr. Shiy Charan Mathur.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 10, 1989