Controversial estimates predict oversupply of physicians both in Canada and America. Concerned by latest estimates by Canadian Manpower, Ontario Government has decided to cut down the number of training positions in the Province. It has proposed to cut down 300 training positions in a five-year plan by withdrawing funds.

Similarly, American Medical Federation Advisory Committee has also predicted abundance of 150,000 MD’s by the turn of the century in USA. Based upon these controversial projections, a draft report to Congress does mention a physician surplus, but also discusses conflicting evidence which contradicts projections about oversupply. No strong action has yet been purposed to control projected glut of physicians.

Experts feel that future oversupply of physicians; however, will be absorbed because of relatively fewer working hours for women physicians, tightened immigration laws against foreign trained physicians, increase in AIDS cases and new technological advances.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 17, 1988