New Delhi: Oleum gas leak from Sri Ram Food and Fertilizer Institution in Najalegarh in North Delhi on December 6 again just 48 hours after the massive leakage of gas which killed one person and affected thousands. The fresh leakage of gas was from another tank which contained about 20 tons of oleum. The leakage was plugged within 20 minutes; the police said and described the leakage as minor and said that no one was affected. Three officials of the Fertilizer factory have been arrested in this connection. The police said that company’s General Manager, Mr. B.D. Sharma, the plant superintendent Mr. Anil Kumar and a technician Pal Singh were taken in custody and produced before a court on the charge of negligence. The gas leak which lasted from 25 minutes created panic in the area. The leakage on Wednesday had created extensive panic in north eastern Delhi. It occurred when a 40 ton tank containing oleum burst. Enquiries made by reporters reveal that the administration has not taken any decision to close down the plant. The Lt. Governor of Delhi has said that Delhi administration was contemplating shifting hazardous plant and other such units from the thickly populated area.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 13, 1985