CLOMBO, Jan. 10, Reuter: Guerrillas from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam shot dead three members of a rival Tamil group in northern Sri Lanka, residents said on Sunday. .

The Tigers raided a Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization office in the town of Puliyankulam and killed everyone inside, they said.

Residents said Indian peacekeeping troops in a nearby camp thought they were the targets of that attack and opened up with mortars and small arms fire,

There were no reports of casualties among the Tigers, whose group has attacked rival Tamil organizations in a bid to assert its supremacy in northern and eastern Sri Lanka.

In other violence, Indian troops killed a Tamil on Saturday in a raid on a rebel camp at Akkaraipattu in the east.

Three railway workers were wounded when Tigers exploded a landmine under a fuel train in eastern Batticaloa district on Saturday, police said.

Two wagons and part of the track were damaged in the blast.

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