‘ISLAMABAD, Jan. 10, Reuter: Afghan authorities said on Sunday a U.N. Human Rights envoy had visited the Eastern Garrison town of Khost, two weeks after it was relieved after a long rebel siege.

U.N. emissary Felix Erma Cora met local officials and made enquiries about Afghan exiles during the visit on Saturday, the official Kabul radio said.

The visit to Khost was the first by a U.N. official since the Soviet backed Kabul authorities reported their forces had broken the siege on December 27 by opening the 125km (80 mile) road from the Pakistan province capital, Gardez.

The radio, monitored in Islamabad, said Erma Cora also visited the eastern province of Nanagarhar on Sunday, met officials there and saw the Nangarhar University near the provincial capital Jalalabad.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 15, 1988