PJEKING, Jan, 7, Reuter: A Chinese peasant is winning worldwide acclaim for a baldness cure he invented 20 years age which has restored hair to some 100,000 people, the New China news agency said on Thursday.

Zhao Zhangguang, a 45yearold farmer from Hebei province with only a primary school education, developed in his bedroom a liniment now used in 100 clinics throughout China, it said.

Last October Zhao won an award from a Brussels Inventors Convention and he has signed sales contracts with businessmen from 16 countries,” NCNA said. “In Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong. Beauty parlors are waiting for his medicine”, it added.

The suicide of a woman neighbor suffering from baldness spurted Zhao to invent his cure. His family nearly went broke as he devoted himself to experiments, the report said.

His search paid off when a bald friend found his hair growing back after a month of treatment with Zhao’s liniment.

But not all Zhao’s customers are satisfied. His father said the remedy made him itchy left part of his scalp red and swollen.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 15, 1988