Khalsa Ji,



By now most of you are at least familiar with the name of “Guru Gobind Singh Foundation” (G.G.S.F.) of the Washington metropolitan area, as we have tried always to keep the Sikh community of U.S. informed of our various activities and projects in support of the “Sikh cause” and “Sikh point of view”. This letter is to tell you a little more about ourselves and to seek your financial as well as moral support for the construction of a Gurdwara building in the Washington area.

This organization came into existence just over two years ago, at  time when there was a dire need for Sikhs to become aware of themselves as ‘a community’, and, as it turned out, to defend themselves against the false propaganda of being labeled as “terrorists” and “extremists”.

We can proudly say that Guru Gobind Singh Foundation conscientiously and consistently worked for the “Sikh cause”, whether it was holding Kirtan darbars (besides regular Sunday diwans), or interacting with the media, or organizing political fund raisers.

The following are only a few examples of the kind of activities that this organization has been involved in:

  1. In June, 1984, G.G.S.F. organized the first demonstration in Washington, after the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib.
  2. On Oct. 11, 1986, the Jangar for the 750 homeless people of Washington, DC., organized by G.G.S.F., was the first of its kind ever by any Sikh organization in the U.S. This activity is a fine example of the kind of principles that this organization believes in. We plan to continue this activity at regular intervals.
  3. Recently organized a special diwan in memory of the late Bhai Sahib Sirdar Kapur Singh, national Professor of Sikhism, whose many and varied contributions to the Sikh community should never be forgotten.
  4. In November, ’85 organized a seminar titled “Sikhs at Crossroads”, at which leading Sikh intellectuals from U.K., India, U.S.A. were present.
  5. Two major fund raising events in this area, one for Congressman Frank Wolf and the other for Senator Barbara Mikulski, were organized by leading members of G.G.S.F.
  6. This organization has worked hard to build good public relations with leading members of other communities: in Dec. 1985, we invited Hyman Bookbinder, a Washington

Representative of American Jewish Committee to speak at the, birthday celebration of Guru Gobind Singh Ji;

Cong. Robert Dornan of California spoke at the Baisakhi celebration in April’86.


Recently, the regional director of Amnesty International, James O’Dea, spoke at our special function to commemorate the Sikh victims of the holocaust that followed the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

Director of the Jewish Ant defamation league in Washington, Mr. Edward Leavy, spoke at gurpurb celebration of Guru Nanak Dey Ji.

We have also tried to create and build similar ties with newspaper reporters and journalists.

In July, 1986, we invited Madhu Kishwar, the editor of “Manushi” to speak at a special diwan, marking the birthday of Sri Harkrishan Sahib Ji. fdeisai

“Giiru Gobind Singh Foundation ‘s:privileged in that: the organization is located in the Washington, D.C. area Washington; which is not only the capital of the U.S.A., but from where the destinies of many nations and people are controlled.

This organization has worked hard from the day it came into being, but, as we all know, this is anon going task. There is much to be accomplished, but in over two years of existence, we have been constrained in our efforts and activities due to the lack of a Gurdwara facility. Therefore, we have now undertaken this major task of building a facility. We are convinced that the entire Sikh community, of the U.S. would benefit immensely by having a solid Gurdwara base in the Washington, D.C. area, When completed, this building will not only have a Gurdwara, but class room, lecture/seminar hall, a library which will serve as an information center to universities and think tanks in Washington. Thus, in the long run, we see this not merely as a Gurdwara, but a major religious and educational center for Sikhs run on the same lines as the famous B’nai Birth of the Jewish Community.

We have already acquired 2 acres of land in the beautiful Potomac suburb of metropolitan Washington. We hope to complete the entire project in two or three phases, depending on how fast the financial help comes! The first phase, of course, will be the construction of the Gurdwara Sabib.

To make this project a success and to truly make it National Sikh Center, we have launched a major fund raising campaign.

Driving on the beltway in Washington, one sees the towering Mormon temple, the B’nai Brith is an ever present factor in the lives of the Jewish community, the Muslims have their Islamic center. For the Sikhs to come out as a strong and viable community of the future, we ‘must start laying the foundation stones now!!!

| ‘ So, please give generously  G.G.S.F. is a nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax-exempt.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987