WASHINGTON, D.C. — reacting to the execution of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, the Council of Khalistan issued the following press release: “As a result of their supreme sacrifice, Satwant

Singh and Kehar Singh will go down as martyrs in the history of the Sikh nation.

“India cannot suppress the freedom of the Sikh nation by murder and genocide of the Sikh nation. Every drop of Sikh blood invigorates the determination of the Sikh nation to establish their independent Sikh homeland of Khalistan. The blood of these two martyrs has enhanced the establishment of Khalistan.

“The hanging of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh is a cruel and inhuman act by the Indian government which will awaken the Free World to support the Sikh struggle for freedom.


“We want to remind the Indian government, which is not a democracy but a tyranny, that the Free World is well aware of the existence of torture centers in Punjab, the killing of Sikhs in fake encounters, of thousands of Sikhs rotting in jails without trial, of the security forces’ powers to shoot on sight, which they frequently do, and of the subjugation of the Sikh homeland by a large army of occupation.

“It is in the interest of India to stop state terrorism of which Dehar Singh has become the latest victim. India must quit Khalistan immediately and settle the boundaries with the Sikh nation.

“The present volatile situation in Punjab calls for immediate investigation by the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The United Nations and the Free World must intervene to put an end to the repression and genocide of the Sikh nation by the Indian authorities and its armed forces. The Sikh nation, like any other nation in the world, has the right to control its own destiny.

“We want to remind the Indian Government that the Sikhs have not submitted to the oppression in the past, they are not submitting to it now, and they will not submit to it in the future.” The press release was signed by Dr. G. S. Aulakh.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 13, 1989