New York — ABC and CBS took the top prizes for coverage of a breaking story at the National News and Documentary Emmy Awards gala, while PBS dominated with the most wins.

There were multiple ties for several awards Thursday as PBS walked away with 18 Emmys, CBS picked up 11, ABC won eight, NBC six, and a syndicated show won one.

The Emmy among programs for outstanding coverage of a single breaking news story went to ABC’s “Nightline,” anchored by Ted Koppel, for its story on “Massacre in San Ysidro.”

CBS won among segments of news shows for its coverage of a single breaking news story, “India Broadcast,” on “The CBS Evening News,” with a series of correspondents that included Bill Moyers.

Two PBS and one ABC show were in a three-way tie as outstanding background analysis programs on a single current story. PBS won for “Living below the Line” and “Cry, Ethiopia, Cry,” while ABC won for “The Hostage Crisis Five Years Later,’ another “Nightline” anchored by Koppel.

In the category of outstanding background analysis of a single story in a segment of a news show there was a five way tie, with CBS taking four prizes for shows on Beirut, TV campaigning, Reagan’s election and Star Wars. Three of the four were on “The CBS Evening News” and one on “Crossroads.” PBS took one prize for its Zumwalt Agent Orange story on the “MacNeil/Lehrer Report.”

Two NBC shows tied for Emmys for programs with outstanding investigative journalism  “The Silent Shame” (NBC Network News) and Disease”’ show). Awards for segments of outstanding investigative journalism went to CBS for “General Dynamics,’ NBS for “Leader LaRouche” and ABC for “What Happened “Hard Metals (the ‘‘Today” to the Children” 20.”

The award for programs, outstanding interview interviewer, went to Moyers’ “World War II: Propaganda Battle,’ on “A Walk through the 20th Century.”

“Race in America,” parts 1 and 2, on CBS, won for segments, outstanding interview/interviewer.

“Jesse Jackson and the Press” on PBS’ “Inside Story” won for programs, outstanding coverage of a continuing news story. CBS, ABC and PBS tied in the category of segments, outstanding coverage of a continuing news story, with stories “Afghanistan,” “Wall of Tears, Wall of Hope” and “Farm Coverage.”

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