CHANDIGARH, India: The Unified Akali Dal Secretary Sukhdev Singh Dhinsa has called for fresh elections in Punjab. Mr. Dhinsa expressed his dissatisfaction with President’s rule and said that none of the assurances given by the Governor like the release of innocent Sikh detainees in various jails and stopping of fake encounters has been fulfilled. On the contrary all the leaders and activists of Unified Akali Dal have been arrested and detained under anti-Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act.

He also said that the Unified Akali Dal welcomed the dismissal of Barnala Ministry as it had lost its representative character and was not pursuing the declare policies of the Akali Dal. He said that his party would also boycott the Communal Harmony Committee meeting summoned by the Governor for July 17. His party will chalk out its program on July 18 meeting at Amritsar. He also demanded the removal of Director General of Police, Ribeiro. He alleged that officers with vindictive attitude were being posted at the district level. He urged the Center to hold talks with Sikh representative bodies and organizations to find a solution to the Punjab problem including the formation of a popular government.

While condemning the bus killings, he said it seems to be part of a conspiracy as the Sikhs had voted for Lok Dal in Haryana. He thanked the Haryana Chief Minister for taking action against culprits responsible for the violence in the State.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 17, 1987