CHANDIGARH, India: Haryana Chief Minister, Devi Lal, stated that he favored the dissolution of Punjab Assembly followed by fresh elections in the State to communicate with Representatives of a popular government with which interstate disputes can be settled by discussion alone. Addressing a crowded news conference at Chandigarh airport.

Devi Lal said that Punjab Accord between Rajiv Gandhi and Longowal was meaningless and was spurious document between Centre and ‘Punjab. Devi Lal asserted that his government desired’ to maintain cordial and normal relations with the neighboring State and reiterated that only India Award’ of 1973 and the Water Award of 1976 were acceptable to his government.

The Centre has created such a mess in Punjab that there is no person in Punjab with whom dialogue can be held. He evaded the prime question whether bilateral discussion between Punjab) and Haryana on the dispute by saying it will depend on the emergence of representative government in Punjab.

The Chief Minister asserted that there was no alternative to holding fresh elections in the State. To a question, can talks be held with former Chief Minister Sugit Singh Barnala who led section of Akali Dal, Mr. Devi Lal replied that in the current situation there 18 no one to talk to, The Centre has Suppressed Punjab peasantry through Arjun Singh and Haryana through Natwar Singh.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 3, 1987