Within the last year we’ve see ‘once again a change in the world kaleidoscope. This time the vast Soviet complex disintegrated microseconds in terms of historical time periods. Since Work War II a period of approximate! 45 years India has played off the west against the east India nation of deceit hypocrisy out righties and military aggression has confounded the west over and over again with its shadowy manipulation between the Soviet an its western so-called friends. B playing both sides off against the other India has managed to suck from each of these great powers vast amounts of political loot.

What we see now in the world i a surge towards extreme and intense nationalistic feeling. The so-called Communist World Is n only dead; it never was alive ‘that which was forced upon these people is now gone. What we saw in reality was a system that benefited the ones in control. Under the hypocritical banner of “To each according to his needs” we found in reality “You work as hard 2s tell you and give me as much a ‘want and I’ll throw you something here and there.” Look today at the lines in the Soviet stores; practically nothing on the shelves. People fighting like animals to obtain a commodity that we take for granted. A system of enslavement of peoples under military repression can last only so long When people have had enough they rebel which they did. Only Buns tanks and the threat of extermination and torture can hold this force off.

In the Indian subcontinent we s2e today the last great colonial power India a nation which reached nonviolence but never really practiced it. Portugal had three small possessions on the west ‘coast of India for several hundred years where they did nothing except allow continuing the life style ‘that was in existence. What did the Indians do in the states in the ‘name of nonviolence? They militarily attacked the very small Military force of the Portuguese and drove them out. Is this what Gandhi taught us? No! This is ‘again Indian hypocrisy. Whether one likes these statements or not the Indians is known throughout the world as “the Jews of Asia a despicable term used to describe a people who are not liked.

Let us look at the country called India. It is comprised of a multitude of group’s religious political ethnic and racial. How does India maintain its hold over the against the west. But this situation is no longer in-vogue. It doesn’t ‘exist. This country must now reexamine its position vis-a-vis India What positions should it take ‘A position which is similar to the position we had with the Sovereign Union That is dismantle the military franchise that India no exercises over States such a Punjab Kashmir Assam Tami ‘Nadu Bhutan and Nepal.

How can we achieve this? First by denying them all foreign aid ‘And why should we continue i ‘supplement them with foreign aid ‘when we have catastrophic need of our own here in the United States. We have miners in Kentucky Tennessee Virginia and West Virginia who are not eating in three decent meals a day. We have people being foreclosed out of their homes. We have calamites striking middle class a lower income people who cannot maintain themselves any longer Let us examine why we should give this so-called nation of Indi further aid? What reason is there for this? What benefit accrues to us? Nothing positive

India is a country which went into Maldives and Sri Lanka only to exert its power over a people for purposes of dominating them. ‘Where is the nonviolence preached by Gandhi? And if one looks at the Nehru dynasty which ruled India for over 40 years what do we find? Political fakirs One need not look at the extra veganizes of some of the religious leaders in this country to find shame and ignominy; one need only look at the doings of the Nera family to find similar things. Through socialism planning nationalization ‘of banks and life insurance government control over radio and television they have brought about pervasive corruption economic Semi-dictatorship with curtailment of fundamental human rights after the pattern of their communist friends of the last 40 years.

It is unfortunate that many of the senators and congressmen as well as government bureaucrats and so called Leaders in the US fail to see what the future has for us. As this country falls deeper into the abyss of recession and possibly depression reality will perhaps shock the leaders of this once great and mighty country into action. ‘The euphoria of the Iraq-Kuwait war is over what has been accomplished? Saddam Hussain is still in power. The Arab world is still not our ally. We must come to realize that dumping massive amounts of foreign aid American taxpayer dollars without solving our internal problems will be of no avail. leadership is to be exerted and if truly democratic priorities are to exercised then forthwith an evaluation of US policy with regard to the heinous country called India should be reformulated Immediately it should be laid upon their leadership to release those in the thrall of militarily controlled sates within the country so that true democracy can prevail in the area. And until these nationalities of people are released to have their own freely-elected governments all aid should be stopped.

Harvey L. Back mender Esquire

Hartford Connecticut.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 8, 1996