HANDIGARH, India: Professor Darshan Singh, who has been appointed, acting Jathedar of Akal Takht by S.G.P.C. executive, said that he was not identified with any group and that his choice for the post was unanimous. His appointment for the post was being considered for some time and he had asked’ for unanimous approval for it and was informed that the choice was unanimous. Prof. Darshan Singh was here to perform kirtan in a sector 8 Gurdwara. Prof. Darshan Singh sat among the prominent members of the audience after the kirtan. Devotees both men and women bowed to him and congratulated him on his appointment. Asked if he would try for Panthic Unity. Prof. Darshan Singh said that every Sikh wants it. It is the need of the time and for the benefit of the humanity. He said that S.G.P.C. which had given him this post was elected by the entire Sikh community and represented it in entirety.

S.G.P.C. did not belong to any group.

Asked to comment on the political predicament of the Sikh community particularly the Akali Dal government, Prof. Darshan Singh said he would give his opinion on this matter after his formal installation as Akal Takht Chief on December 31st. It will be my duty to bow before the will of the committee, he added.

Prof. Darshan Singh was arrested by the Haryana police on charges of sedition and remained in jail for eight months before his release on bail. When asked about the charges against him, he said that it is for the community to think about my worries.

Prof. Darshan Singh said that he would not stop performing kirtan after formally taking over as Chief of Akal Takht. Katha and Kirtan are blissful and Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of Sikh religion, started his preaching with this. He had told this to his selectors. He would normally live at Amritsar but would go wherever he was invited by the sangat to perform Kirtan. Prof. Darshan Singh added. Prof. Darshan Singh, 46, is probably the youngest Chief of Akal Takht.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 2, 1987