STOCKTON, Ca: Sikh Y organizations of North America hailed the appointment of Prof. Darshan Singh “Ragi” as the acting Chief of Akal Takht.

  1. Didar Singh Bains, President World Sikh Organization (International) described the appointment as a “wise choice”. He said that “the responsibility to provide right kind of leadership at this critical juncture had devolved on the shoulders of Prof. Darshan Singh and history will judge him according to the way he acquits himself in this onerous task”. He said Prof. Darshan Singh is a devout Sikh with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Sikh scriptures.
  2. Didar Singh sent the following telegram to Prof. Darshan Singh:

“On behalf of World Sikh Organization and on my own behalf, I extend heartiest felicitation to

you on your appointment as the Acting Chief of Akal Takht, and hope that you will provide to the besieged Sikh nation necessary leadership for a life of freedom and integrity”.

  1. Gian Singh Sandhu, President-elect, W.S.O. (International) and President W.S.O. (Canada) considered the appointment as a “step in the right direction”. He said that Prof. Darshan Singh stands far above the narrow group loyalties and can be instrumental in bringing about much desired unity among various Sikh groups. His appointment will also silence those who have been trying to divide the Sikhs by mischievously playing up fictional Jat and not at loyalties.

Bhai Lakhmir Singh, Convener International Sikh Youth Federation described him as a truly great Sikh and welcomed his appointment as the Acting Chief of Akal Takht. “His contribution in bringing a new awareness among the Sikh masses is second only to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale”, he said. Dr. Karamjit Singh Rai, Member W.S.O. Governing Council described the appointment as “the most delightful news”. He said that Prof. Darshan Singh’s elevation as Akal Takht Chief is a “clear message to the Indian government that Sikhs mean business”.

Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh, President International Sikh Organization also welcomed the appointment and described it as “a very good choice”. He said that Prof. Darshan Sing his a very competent and educated person with a deep sense of integrity and commitment. “We need people like him”, he added.


In its congratulatory telegram, World Sikh News extended full support to Prof. Darshan Singh in securing for Sikhs their legitimate aspirations for the unfettered supremacy of the KhaIsa Panth.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 2, 1987