ROHTAK, India: The B.J.P. launched a crusade against corruption in public life and organized a campaign demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The B.J.P. President L.K. Advani told newsmen on the concluding day of the three day meeting of the national executive party here Misia that Mr. Gandhi has lost the * moral authority to rule the country on account of the recent developments. The B.J.P. will observe a Rajiv resign week from May 3. The party legislature will soon submit a memorandum to the President in this regard.

The ruling party, Mr. Advani said did not want to remove short comings in the election laws. He pointed out to the use of Air Force helicopters by the Prime Minister to address public meetings. The facilities should be extended to the opposition parties as well. He said that election commission should convene all party meeting to sort out this and other issues. Mr.

Advani also demanded that Assembly and Parliamentary elections should be synchronized as was been done in 1967. These could be held at the same time at the time of 1989 elections, he suggested.

He described the Congress (1) working committee resolution on the arms deal scandals as the sign of exasperation and condemned it for its indirect attack not only on the press and the president but on Mr. V.P. Singh. The national executive passed a resolution condemning the mishandling of situation in Punjab and Darjeeling.

There was enough evidence that the ruling party was using the country’s economy or squeezing the maximum monetary advantage out of it. The foreign money was siphoned in private and secret foreign accounts.

Mr. Advani said that bogey of foreign hand in destabilizing the government has been repeatedly raised whenever the government was in trouble because of its own misdeeds.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 24, 1987