On the occasion of the birthday of the Khalsa, we must pledge to renew our faith in the teachings and principles laid down by the Great Gurus. In this hour of crisis we need to study in-depth the problems facing the Sikh nation and find solutions in the true spirit and scope of the Sikh “Maryada”’ of Gurmata by the Sarbat Khalsa. Instead of paying lip service to the Sikh tenets, we must tread the path chartered by the great Guru on the Baisakhi day and mould ourselves in the image of the Saint Soldiers who would never put up with injustice, tyranny, falsehood and slavery. We the Sikhs living abroad must take the vow:

(I) to remain united in all circumstances and treat all Sikhs as ‘‘Gurbhais’’ forgetting personal rivalries and temptations of self-aggrandizement,

(II) to root our caste system of the decadent Manu Simriti that has lately been creeping into the essentially casteless character of the Sikh religion,

(III) To never support any unprincipled compromise with any authority that goes against the interests of the Sikh cause,

(IV) To bear Sikh sarup, learn Gurbani and practice love of humanity and brotherhood of man.

I appeal to all Sikhs to work untidily with determination for the “‘ChardiKala’’ of the Khalsa Panth and Strive for the achievement of W.S.O. aims and objectives by extending full support to the organization under the Kesari Flag.


Gen. J. S. Bhullar

Secretary General

World Sikh


Article extracted from this publication >>  April 12, 1985