Strong indications are there that Bhartriya Janata Party and Longowal faction of Akali Dal have reached an agreement to “protect the integrity of the country.” Longowal is planning to visit Delhi to thank all those Hindus who had helped the Sikhs during the November ’84 riots. He has even offered to reconsider and suitably amend the Anandpur Sahib resolution to appease the majority community.

Longowal is openly denouncing the members of All India Sikh Students Federation and is holding them responsible for the violence in the State. He has not said a word about the rise of Hindu Terrorist Organizations that have sprung up in all the major cities of the state.

B.J.P.Longowal alliance is not to challenge the Congress (I) power structure but in fact is being brought about by the congress (I) rulers themselves. Government has realized that Longowal and his men cannot enter into any agreement with the perpetrators of Operation Bluestar and anti-Sikh riots without losing ground to their opponents in the Akali Dal. Akali leaders are already under a cloud for surrendering to the army during the operation Blue Star and any deal by them in this surcharged atmosphere would further jeopardize their credibility. This has resulted in the present deadlock. Sources feel that Government has in the name of national integrity secured the good offices of the BJP to break the deadlock.

B.J.P.Longowal pact is truly congress (I) Longowal pact by proxy. Rajiv government has reconciled to the idea of a temporary surrender of power to Longowal faction if in the bargain it can stem the growing tide of Sikh nationalism. It is not much of a surrender either as the BJP men in the ministry would ensure that state is run as per the directions of the center and not in the best interests of the Sikhs.

Hindu Terrorist Organizations

Hindu terrorist organizations virtually control administration in Punjab cities. Hindu Suraksha Samati and Hindu Shiv Sena are among the most powerful Hindu organizations who are indulging in terrorist acts against urban Sikhs. Killing, burning and looting the property of Sikhs is systematically in operation. Hoshiarpur and Dahriwal have already witnessed ugly sway of these organizations that are actively aided and helped by the district administration. In fact these organizations are only extensions of the congress (I). The Hindu members of the congress (1) are actively and openly involved in these organizations.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 5, 1985