CHANDIGARH, India: The army has been deployed to curve the supply of arms to the militants from across the Indo Pak border and to check their clandestine movements between the two countries, thus creating its direct involvement in Punjab’s internal affairs. Official sources said that at present the Army’s job was to. Supply equipment including night vision devices and provide strategic guidance to the security forces to intensify the patrolling of the border area. The direct involvement of the army was considered possible only if the Centre decided to enforce emergency in the State as a last resort. Creation of a security belt for better policing is not ruled out but it would be manned by the B.S.F. with C.R.P.F. and Punjab armed police forming the rear guard. The most alarming development for India was the sweeping hold of the freedom fighters on the students. Until about five years ago, 80% of the student bodies in Punjab were controlled by the leftists but the only active and effective organization at that time was All India Sikh Students Federation. Punjab had become a cradle of subversive literature after independence; similarly, the folk songs of Punjab known for their exuberance and virility have almost been silenced. The authorities have no clear Policies to tackle insurgency on such a wide scale as the ant sedition laws have become irrelevant.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 15, 1988