CALCUTTA, Aug 22, Reuter: Gurkha leader Subhas Ghising signed an accord on Monday ending a two-year agitating for a Gurkha state within India.

“This agreement will pave the way for more such negotiations,” said Indian Home (Interior) Minister Buta Singh at the signing ceremony.

His statement appeared to suggest wellness by the central government to negotiate deals with other violent movements seeking greater autonomy or independence in Northeast India.

Ghising, head of the Gurkha National Liberation Front, settled fora largely autonomous hill council to rule the lush tea growing hills of Darjeeling instead of the Gurkha state for which his movement had fought.

At least 350 people were killed during the Gurkha struggle, AtokI5 of them alleged police informers decapitated by militants.

“I am very happy and satisfied,” Ghising said after signing the hill council agreement with the government of West Bengal State, which ruled the Darjeeling Hills, and a senior Home Ministry Official.

“This Accord has given us, the Nepal’s in India, an identity,” Ghising said.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 26, 1988