Toronto-Ont: Sardar Nirmal Singh Cha; dha secured 730 votes from Ward 8 for his bid to become the Alderman (Municipal Commissioner) in SCARBOROUGH (Toronto). Though Mr. Chadha was not elected but his securing 730 votes in a constituency where there live only 50 Sikh families, is both significant and creditable. Mr. Chadha is the first ‘Sabat Surat’ Sikh to be nominated for the election.

Mr. Chadha has lived in Scarborough for 11 years and “is President Ethnic Youth Association. He has number of other distinctions to his credit like consultant to Metro Board of Education’ Member Human Services Scarborough Multicultural and Race Relations Committee; Member Scarborough Board of Education; Interpreter for Manpower and Immigration. Reacting to a story published in the prestigious Sunday Times on 1st December about the renegade Sikhs quitting Britain for Ecuador and using Ecuador as a base for their terrorist training, DR. JAGJIT SINGH CHOHAN said today that the state terrorism perpetrated internationally by the Government of India against the Sikhs has been given a new dimension. Dr. Chohan pointed out that in the last three years the ruling party in India, Congress (I), its overseas associates and affiliates as well as the Government of India have used their vast resources to manipulate media and spread misinformation and lies about the Sikhs generally and about him and his movement for a sovereign Sikh State in particular. The campaign of vilification began by branding the Sikhs as terrorists and accusing Dr. Chohan of plotting to have Mr. Rajiv Gandhi killed. The Sikh was painted as a bloodthirsty non thinking human being. Stories were planted in world press in many nations to link the Sikhs with some violent incident and every such event in which the Sikhs were involved was blown out of all proportions to be presented as proof of their violent inclinations. No one has questioned the involvement of non-Sikhs and of Congress (I) leaders in the genocide of Sikhs in November 1984. Nobody has pointed out that the Sikhs are already being blamed for the assassination of Mrs, Indira Gandhi although there is a trial going on and the evidence so far recorded in that trial reveals that on the relevant day there was deliberate mismanagement and that it was perhaps to cover up the reality of the third man involved in the incident. Every bit of evidence adduced from the wreckage of the ill-fated Air India flight points conclusively in the direction that there was no incendiary explosion aboard the aircraft. Yet the quest for the Sikhs supposedly responsible for the Air India disaster and the Tokyo explosion continues like a witch hunt. Now there emerges from Canada evidence that the Government of India might itself be involved in the two incidents. The sporadic violence both in Punjab and abroad which the Government of India itself inspires and at times arranges is being blamed on the Sikhs. And now, when the Sikhs have found a sympathetic ear in Quito, both the Republic of Ecuador and the Sikhs are being implicated in drug trafficking. Dr. Chohan added: “The Sunday Times quotes me by name on entirely different issues but does not give the names of the Indian Congress sources in Britian. I know of at least one high office bearer of the Indian Overseas Congress very close to India House who has been arrested for drug smuggling and is awaiting trial. There is every possibility that his links with Indian diplomats would come under scrutiny in the Court.” Dr. Chohan said that the Government of India has always blamed the Sikhs for their sins. The Government itself has actively instigating murder, yet it was blaming the Sikhs. Now it appears Govt. officials themselves have started drug smuggling but are blaming the Sikhs.

Dr. Chohan revealed that the myth of the Sikhs Ecuador drug connection originated in Washington some time ago. An American publishing group, which calls itself EXECUTIVE INTELLIGENCE REVIEW, published a book in connection with the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. In that book it alleged that the Ecuadorean connection is for drug smuggling and arms buying/terrorist training. The EIR, according to Dr. Chohan, is a KGB operation and also has an office in Weisbaden. Being a KGB unit, its services and facilities would automatically be available to India which in its capacity of a nonaligned nation buys its arms from the Soviet Union.

Dr. Chohan said that a team of lawyers in Washington is studying the material obtained so far and investigating the possibilities of legal action against the EIR in the United States. He also said that if the Sunday Times does not reveal the names of those persons that it claims to the “Indian Congress party sources in Britian,” then the prestigious publication would have abandoned the salutary principles of journalism and would qualify to be treated as a third-rate scandalmongering yellow sheet.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 13, 1985