Bahrain — President Ronald Reagan’s new administration has firmly endorsed Pakistan President Gen. Zia ul Haq’s recent referendum and offered Islamabad a military and economic aid package worth over $4 billion spread over the next three years.

Reports here said that Pakistan has asked Washington for a $6 billion aid and has presented a shopping list which includes a “hawkey’3 (spy   in spy) radar surveillance aircraft.

They said that Gen. John Vassey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, led a planeload of senior Pentagon officials to Islamabad for a six day visit just a week before the referendum.

Quoting reliable sources in Islamabad and Washington, these reports said that the US accepts the referendum as sufficient proof for Gen. Zia’s long-term legitimacy.

“This will enable it to step up aid to the Afghan guerrillas, fighting the Soviets and involve Pakistan in gulf security,’’ these reports said.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 1, 1985