NEW YORK, Reuter: Chris Evert Lloyd will probably play fewer tournaments next year, a spokesman for the Women’s International Tennis Association (WITA) said. Lloyd is planning to play a full schedule this year, WITA spokesman Peggy Gossett said. But Lloyd, the world’s number two woman tennis player, has not yet committed herself to play the entire 1988 season.

Gossett explained that Lloyd usually made her tournament plans two years in advance, but now she is “going to take it a year at a time”.

Gossett speculated that the 32 year old American would probably play the four grand slam tournaments the Australian, French and U.S. Opens and Wimbledon and a few select favorite events in 1988 depending on her physical and mental condition.

Lloyd had a knee injury that forced her to miss some tournaments last year.

Dennis Ralston, Lloyd’s part-time coach, agreed that “it’s certainly a possibility that she’s going to cut back next year”, but, he added that “nothing is etched in stone’.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 13, 1987