In this section, the reader’s questions are answered.

  1. How can India remain a strong and united country if the states keep demanding more and more autonomy? R. Sodhi
  2. India could remain united only if the states were more autonomous. Due to the Central Government’s inability, coupled with its historic insensitivity in dealing with diverse regional aspirations, centrifugal forces take over in the states in their bid to shake off excessive central hold. The spectre of Balkanization can only be warded off by giving the states a free hand in building their destiny.
  3. Why can’t Sikhs accept the fact that they are Hindus? They came from the Hindus, didn’t they? P. Sharma
  4. The human race came from apes, says Darwin.
  5. How long will it be before the Government of India accepts a sovereign Sikh State. Jaswant Singh
  6. Never.

“Koi Kisee Ko Raj Na Dey Hai Jo Ley Hai Nij Bal Sey Ley Hai” says my Lord.

(Nobody bestows sovereignty on anyone. Whoever attains it, does so through personal might.)

  1. Why can the Hindus and Sikhs not live like brothers? Harpreet
  2. Brotherhood presupposes an identity of feelings. Brothers do not burn brothers alive and gang rape their sisters.
  3. What do you see for the Sikhs in the future? Harpreet
  4. Sacrifices, supreme sacrifices. It is always the darkest before dawn.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985