Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: Yes, son.

Rah: Daddy, you know, the British Empire was the largest ever on earth.

Raj: Yes, son, India was a part of that empire.

Rah: The sun never set on the mighty empire at its height.

Raj: It extended to all the continents of the globe.

Rah: It is surprising that a handful of the Afghans kept the supreme might of the empire tied down, seemingly forever.

Raj: The Afghans, son, are a martial race. They cannot be enslaved.

Rah: Now the Afghans have the Russians tied into a knot.

Raj: The free spirit of the brave Afghans cannot be shackled forever, son.

Rah: Daddy?

Raj: Goon, son.

Rah: Daddy?

Raj: What is bothering you, son?

Rah: The Sikhs area martial race.


Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985