Gen. J. S. Bhullar

The World: Sikh Organization believes in working peacefully for the freedom, dignity and wellbeing of entire Khalsa Panth without expecting rewards. We are striving to tread the Path shown by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. However we sorrowfully note that Sikh leadership in Punjab having vowed at Akal Takhat to work for autonomy has betrayed their sacred vows and used these pledges as a mere drama for self-glorification and obtaining ministerial gains. The Gandhi Longowal accord is dead as a Dodo and gone in a smoke with the funeral pyre of Mr. Longowal. The accord failed because it was unconstitutional, it betrayed the cause of the Sikhs and Punjab and it was based on injustice, deception, and cunning. It did nothing to remove injustice heaped on Sikhs in Punjab for the last 37 years. We appeal to the Khalsa Panth in Punjab to stand solidly behind all those who have made supreme sacrifices for the rightful cause, let the Khalsa show that the betrayers of the Sikh cause can never make personal gains out of the blood of the martyrs. We finally support the newly emerging youthful leadership and all those who bore the brunt of army’s wrath in the June 84 Holocaust. We appeal to the Punjabis particularly to the Sikhs to show these opportunists that they cannot win elections sitting safe in the shadow of army bayonet. People who cannot move freely among the voters, what service can they do to their constituents.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 13, 1985