A.S. Gill

“It was for the Sikhs to prevent the misuse of gurdwaras and to ensure that the religious places were not used as sanctuaries for “criminals” and ‘‘terrorists.” Sikh high priests should issue Hukamnama in this regard,” Khuswant Singh.

Khuswant Singh seems very much worried about Gurdwaras where he goes once in a blue moon. What about the Parliament (of which he is the member) and metropolitan council which is used as sanctuary for the proclaimed offenders responsible for the June and Nov. ’84 mass killings of Sikhs and the perpetrators of State terrorism.

“The Sikh psyche was split between the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak. The community also suffered from a “persecution mania.” The Akalis were first-rate fighters, but very bad administrators. The Sikh intellectuals should reinterpret Guru Granth Sahib for the coming generation if it was to fight fundamentalism.” Prabhash Joshi Editor Jan Sattah.

For Joshi’s information Guru Gobind Singh said that “MANAS KI JAT SABE EKKO PEHCHANBO” ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE EQUAL. He fought against oppression and for the right to free worship. He ordained the Sikhs never to tolerate oppression and always fight against it. Perhaps this secularism is beyond the comprehension of people like Joshi who truly believe that only one religion one way of thinking can make a secular India. To whom breaking up of coconuts recitation of only Vedas at Government functions is the sign of secularism. Let Mr. Joshi know that there is no difference between the teachings of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. One laid the foundation and the other build the Sikh nation.

“The November riots were the Centre’s War on Sikhs and not Hindu-Sikh riots. The official media is responsible for projecting Sikhs as secessionists during the Lok Sabha poll and accused the Sikh intellectuals of issuing provocative and dangerous statements about the sovereignty of the Panth.” Mr. K.R. Malkani.

Mr. K.R. Malkani I agree with you that Nov. riots were center’s war on Sikhs and not Hindu Sikh riots. But Hindus endorsed it by overwhelmingly voting for the Government. Mr. Malkani, after the first shell that fell on Akali Takhat after the first bullet that hit the Harimandir; it is no more dangerous to talk of sovereignty of Panth. It is plain truth that Sikhs are a nation and seek Sikh homeland. Khalistan is writing on the wall.

My sincerest request to the organizers of Panchnac Research Institute is to organize seminars so that majority community sees the light and help form the Sikh homeland. We will be good neighbors.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 13, 1985