The tragic Air India plane crash is a matter of deep sorrow and anguish to all of us and our heartfelt sympathies go to the bereaved families. The partial list indicates that a very large number of victims, including the Captain, are Sikhs.

Indian Government is trying to make a political capital out of this grave tragedy by maligning the Sikhs all over the world. The so called “anonymous telephone calls” claiming responsibility for this disaster, in the name of some Sikh and Muslim organizations. Is apparently the work of Indian intelligence agency K.G.B., which has a worldwide network.

Those who are familiar with the working of Gandhi regime know that this is an old trick to defame Sikhs and other minorities. This malicious propaganda will ultimately earn no dividends for the ruling dynasty because its credibility has already hit the rock bottom.

We urge the media, the world over, to be vigilant about the evil design to malign the Sikhs through media blitz and engineer another massacre of the minorities in India.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 5, 1985