OTTAWA, Canada: The World Sikh Organization deplores the loss of human lives in the recent attack on buses in India. Though the accusation is directed towards the Sikhs, it is difficult to conceive that such activities could be carried out during army rule in the State of Punjab.

The Western World must understand that the growing of beard and tying of a turban does not make a person Sikh. In addition to Sikhs, other communities in India also wear turbans including some Hindus. Hence no such conclusion should be drawn that Sikhs are killing innocent people in India.

We, in Canada and the Western World, should take a serious look at the gravity of the situation in India, examine the Indian regime in its entirety and explore all diplomatic avenues to find a solution to the plight of Sikhs, Gurkhas, Dalits, Muslims, and the Untouchables in India.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 17, 1987