DHAKA: More than 200 Bangladeshi wives have divorced their drug addict husbands in the past two months to join a nationwide campaign against narcotics, a state owned newspaper reported on Thursday.

Dainik Bangla said 260 wives registered their divorcees in April and May in seven northern districts. It quoted government officials as saying more divorce applications were on the way.

The women, aged between 15 and 28 and many with children, accused their husbands of taking heroin and marijuana.

MEXICO CITY: The campaign manager of Mexico’s opposition Presidential candidate Cuauhtémoc Cardenas was shot dead on Saturday night, party official said.

JERUSALEM: Israel closed all 1,200 schools in the occupied West Bank in a move to curb protests. Palestinians demonstrated against an Isradh archaeological excavation ‘‘they’ said° encroached on Moslem holy sites in Jerusalem.

MOSCOW: The Soviet Union declared an unconditional ‘amnesty for all Soviet soldiers who had deserted in Afghanistan or left for other countries after being captured by Afghan rebels.

BANGKOK: The South East Asian regional group Asian formally proposed a United Nations conference to agree on joint international action to cope with a mounting exodus of “boat people” refugees from Vietnam.

MOSCOW: The Soviet Communist Party Conference affirmed the right of every Soviet citizen to have access to full information and to discuss any issue openly and freely, according to resolutions published on Monday.

“The inalienable right of every citizen to full and authentic information —— other than state and military secrets —— on any issue of public affairs, and the right to discuss any socially significant matter openly and freely”.

Article extracted from this publication >> July 8, 1988