JAKARTA; President Suharto of Indonesia announced Sweeping cabinet changes yesterday, replacing the defense, foreign, energy and interior ministers.

Suharto, relected this month to a fifth five year term which will keep him in power until 1993, said he is bringing in 19 new ministers.

Key tasks for the new government of the world’s largest Moslem country will be to manage its rising overseas debts, which have now reached $45 billion, while tackling demands for greater political freedom

KHARTOM: More than 250,000 Sudanese refugees are aggravating a hunger problem in Ethiopia, where 7 million people are threatened by starvation, the Ethiopian news agency said yesterday.

KASSEL, West Germany,

Reuter: A young East German clambered over a fortified border fence and swam across a river to West Germany at the weekend without alerting his country’s frontier troops, West German officials said on Monday.

The refugee, an 18yearold apprentice painter, had made his way to the heavily guarded border over many days and nights and suffered frost bite on two toes, a border police official in Kassel added.

TOKYO, Japan: Two bombs exploded yesterday on the perimeter of Japan’s Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo near the Israeli Embassy and a Saudi airlines office, shattering windows but caused no injuries, police said.

Police probed a possible link between the bombings and a radical group that has begun a violent campaign against plans to expand Tokyo’s International Airport at Narita.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 25, 1988