Dear Publisher/Editorial:

World Sikh Organization deems it appropriate that its public policy regarding WSN must be expressed in clear and concise language.

Sikhs have a long and difficult row to hoe, and it is imperative that they be kept free of controversies of an exhaustive nature. At this juncture, Sikhs cannot afford luxurious liberalities in this matter. Human nature is quick to amplify the negative rather than the positive, and Sikhs are no exception to this. Your proper editorial thrust ought to deliver the desirable result so that the correct public opinion is formed.

WSO wants the “Sikh voice” to be a well-integrated instrument to properly project the ideas and propositions so as to enhance the chances of leading the Sikh struggle to a successful conclusion.

The trial of the freedom fighters is supported by the Sikh community at large. The merit of such sacrifice, where the youth lay down lives for the Sikh nation is worthy of a high place in our history. These young men are of the class of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarbha, and others. Such events as the trial should be well publicized in advance, and with great urgency of appeal to all factions of the community, to ensure maximum support and participation.

WSN, with all its political sensitivities working fully, must stay ahead of the struggle. Be positive, daring, and ride the worthy wave of public opinion. We in WSO will not shirk from our civic obligations to help you in any way possible. Please, remember, we are ALL out here in the trenches! You must move forward and keep full vision of the battle. This battle must be won, because we cannot go down in history as subjugated lions, which would be a contradiction in terms. There is no place for the losers, but there is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the victorious.

We are in the service of our people.

Sulakhan S. Dhillon, Ph.D. — Coordinator

Didar S. Bains, President — Yuba City

Manohar S. Grewal, President — WSOUSA Boston Dr. Naunihal Singh,

Director Admin. — N.Y.

Daljit Singh (Kansas)

Karamjit S. Rai, Ph.D. — Indiana Harbans S. Sraon, Ph.D. —

Los Angeles Amarjit S. Buttar — Conn,

Surinderpal S. Kalra — Chicago Balwant S. Hansra, Ph.D. — Chicago

Article extracted from this publication >> April 1, 1988