While India celebrates 15th August as the day of Independence, Sikhs all over the world observe it as Black day. It was on this day that their sovereignty was usurped through cunning promises like the glow of freedom. For the last forty one years, Sikhs have been subjected to systematic persecution and every conceivable villainy has been tried by the fundamentalist Brahmin rulers of India to destroy the destined identity of their religion.

Sikhs were in the fore-front of the Indian independence movement and made the maximum sacrifices but they stand so cheated of their basic rights that today they do not have the right even to life and liberty. They are hunted and hounded like wild animals in their own land and have been virtually reduced to the level of slaves and serfs .Since slavery is repugnant to Sikh ethos, they consider no sacrifice too great to shake it off. They have already taken up the challenge and a determined struggle is on to throw the Indian occupation forces out of their sacred soil.

In this hour of national crisis,

Ne appeal to the Sikhs all over the

Norld to unite under Kesari Nishan

Sikh National Flag) and strengthen

all those hands that are striving hard

for the freedom of the Sikhs. We owe

it to ourselves and to the posterity.

Let us not forget this sacred duty.

Hardam Singh Azad


Sikh Association

of America

Bhai Gurdip Singh Sohal

Babbar Khalsa


Harbans Singh Sroan

Director Finance

W.S.O. (U.S.A.)

Gurcharan Singh Dhillon,


W.S.O. (U.S.A.)

Surinder Pal Singh Kalra

Director Administration

W.S.O. (U.S.A.)


Article extracted from this publication >> August 19, 1988