Dear Khalsa Ji,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,

Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh. On behalf of the W.S.O. we take this opportunity to thank you for your active participation in the protest demonstration organized on the eve of Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to Washington, D.C. Enthusiastic participation of such a large number of men and women and children in Kesari turbans and Dupattas demonstrated the determination of the Sikh Nation to etch out their destiny in an atmosphere of social, economic and political freedom. The peaceful march in perfect discipline not only highlighted our inherent unity and strength but also exposed the hollowness of government of India’s negative projection of Sikh image.

Needless for us to say that the successful functioning of the W.S.O. depends entirely on the wholehearted cooperation, moral as well as material, of Sadh Sangat. Today the attention of the entire world is focused on the W.S.0. For steering the Sikhs towards the attainment of their political goals. It is only with the grace of the Guru and the blessing of the Sangat that the W.S.O. can make rapid strides in this direction. We earnestly hope you will continue to extend your invaluable support to the organization on all occasions.


Panth De Dass

Didar Singh Bains


Jaswant Singh Bhullar

(Secretary General)

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985