Dear Khalsa Ji,

Wahe guru ji Ka Khalsa!

Wahe guru ji Ki Fateh

With the grace of the Guru and the blessings of the Sangat, we have initiated a vigorous programme to commemorate the martyrs’ week (from 1st to 6th of June 1985). We have also embarked upon another campaign to hold a protest demonstration at Washington, D.C., during the fourth-coming visit of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to U.S. on 12th of June, 1985. The Sangat has already been notified regarding this.

A recorded tape is being enclosed herewith for the benefit of the Sangat to be delivered to the local radio stations for the purpose of relay during this period. It will be highly appreciated, if the Sangat could contribute the required amount for getting it relayed by the radio stations of different areas. This tape has been prepared by experts to counter-act the false propaganda by the Indian Government and to project the true image of the Sikhs.

The Sangat would appreciate that on 6th of June, a few Congressmen have been prevailed upon to deliver speeches at the Capitol Hill to highlight the atrocities being committed on innocent Sikhs. Desecration of the Sikh shrines and the violation of human rights of Sikhs would also be the theme of their speeches.

A video film explaining the Sikh situation is also proposed to be shown on the T.V. station. The film would be put on the satellite. The Sangat is requested to contact their respective T.V. stations to get it telecast so that the Sikh point of view may be presented in its true perspective. Whole-hearted cooperation of the Sangat would be welcome to make these projects a success. Please contact your respective T.V. Stations through telephone calls and letters to get the said programme on television.


Guru Fateh

Sangat da das.

G.S. Aulakh

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 7, 1985