Here are excerpts from a letter sent from Jodhpur Jail by All India Sikh Students Federation leader Harminder Singh Sandhu to Akali Dal Chief Harchand Singh Longowal.

In this hour of crisis for the Sikh Panth strong measures need to be taken to restore the sanctity and integrity of the Panth. It is for this reason that we had all gathered together to give you the highest respect. If you had continued to tread the path of the Sikh Panth you would have gained the confidence of the entire Sikh Panth. But perhaps the “traitors of the Panth” forced you to adopt a narrow point of view and they are still striving to do so.

On March 29 in Kapurthala district you said that some slogan-shouting youth were strengthening the hands of the Central Government and that certain youths had given up their support for Sant Bhindranwale. These remarks, as reported in newspapers caused pain and can prove anti-Panthic in the present hour of crisis. There is no doubt that the government agencies and certain government stooges have let no stone unturned in defaming me and my colleagues in jail. Leave along turning our backs on Shiromani Akali Dal, Sant Bhindranwale and the All India Sikh Students Federation, thinking in such terms itself is like getting ourselves stigmatized as “bastards.”

I am writing this letter not to criticize you but to remove all the misgivings that you and others may have about me. And I hope that you would see this letter as a sort of written commitment by a ordinary Panth-servant and you would also give the consideration to this point of view. If, however, we come out then we would contribute our bit according to Sikh Panthic thoughts.


And I hope that you too would guard yourself against such elements and strive to revive and restore the Sikh traditions.

I appeal to you that before reaching any decision you should try to seek immediate release of the Sikh women being held in various jails.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 7, 1985