For electing UNANIMOUSLY Members and office bearers for the year 1985-86. 31 members of the National Executive Council and the members of the International Council were elected. NATIONAL COUNCIL

President: S. Gian Singh Sandhu

Senior Vice President: S. Gobinder Singh Randhawa

Director: (Adm.): S. Go Pal Singh Brar

Director: (Finance): S. Jasjit Singh Bhuller Vice President Atlantic: S. Jagraj Singh Sandhu Vice

President Ontario: S. Harbhajan Singh Pandori Vice President Central: S. Gureshwar Singh Vice

President Alberta: S. Manmohan Singh Gill

Vice President B.C.: S. Surinder Singh Jabal


1.8. Gian Singh Sandhu

  1. Giani Joginder Singh
  2. Daljit Singh Sandhu
  3. Sadhu Singh Rai
  4. Ram Raghbir Singh Chahal
  5. S. Kabal Singh

7.8. Kulmit Singh Sangha

  1. S. Inderjit Singh BAL
  2. S. Hardev Singh
  3. S. Karnail Singh Gill
  4. S. Kuldip Singh Bhuller


  1. S. Gian Singh Sandhu
  2. Giani Joginder Singh
  3. S. Inderjit Singh BAL

In addition to the above 15 members from each of the five regions were elected, Vice President from each region is also chairman of the Regional executive.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 7, 1985