By A Concerned Sikh

Rajiv has come and gone. We did demonstrate to him the anger his government has generated in all peace loving Indians who have made North America their home. Secondly, thanks to the Sikh leadership that came from India and the willingness to cooperate from here, we have put together an organization that amply shows that KHALSA has the will and the power to fight a just battle in behalf of the powerless minorities of India. We must realize that our pressure should not give way to complacent behavior. There are many specializations that North America expects us to develop to survive, and one of them is the goal directed behavior. We have to identify our short term and long range goals and work towards their achievement. For example, planning a demonstration for Rajiv’s visit was a short term goal; whereas to bring to every concerned resident of North America an awareness of the dehumanization that has been let loose on the minorities of India should be our long term goal.

It must be pointed out that political development in India especially Punjab will determine our corresponding political action here. But while things are “Jelling out” in there, we should get busy with our grass root organizational work in North America.

Personal contact is very important. It will be very desirable if a senior member of the WSO executive tours Canada/U.S.A. and visits various major cities. The various existing chapters of WSO should be willing to host mini conferences so as to develop this personal contact. During this tour of various cities, membership drive should be conducted. Also, the fund raising for a sound financial base be earnestly started. A list of all concerned Sikh families in all regions of North America be compiled and a master telephone directly be prepared of all the Sikhs living in Canada and U.S.A. I know this is a very demanding task but it can be done if we ask all Gurdwara in N. America to provide our head office with their mailing list. With the help of a computer operator we can program this information.

Political activism is an ongoing process. I wish every issue of WSO newsletter has a portion devoted to letters of concerns or appreciation to World of local leaders. These letters should state in black and white the concerns of the Sikhs living abroad. The target leader should be requested to intervene. The readers could be urged to sign the said letter and mail it every week. Jewish Organizations have been very successful in this aspect of their lobbying behavior. Moreover, it does not cost us much to send a thousand or more letters a week. A sample letter is given for your reader reference.

The President Reagan White House Washington, D.C.

Reading various human rights reports and press briefs coming from India, one is led to believe that very serious violation of human rights has started in India. The target minority has been the Sikhs, though other minorities such as Muslims, untouchables and Christians have not been spared.

We urge you to prevail upon the Government of India to stop these violations and accept the just demands of the Sikhs.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 26, 1985