352 Sikhs in Punjab are freed by the Centre

As a “good will gesture.” So the Doon school computer elitists with Cambridge mentality have finally started releasing the ‘“‘hostages” to get the talks going! Look at the emphasis on “goodwill.” In “Ram Raj’’ anybody can be picked up from the street, kept for two years in jail and then released as a “goodwill gesture.”

Reagan commutes Prison sentence of Gandhi’s friend.

Rajiv went down on his knees before Reagan to beg of him to commute the prison sentence of Adil Shahryar (who went to Doon School with Sanjay). Adil’s crime was fraud selling off an incendiary bomb for which he was to serve 35 years in the M.S. prison. It pays to have friends who are Prime Ministers, then the sentence given by Judge Kehoe of Miami for selling an incendiary bomb, attempting to place an explosive device on a ship, making an explosive device, and committing fraud of $243,750 can be neutralized. After all, Adil is not an ordinary Indian citizen he is the son of Yunus, a family friend of the Gandhis. No wonder, even Indian Embassy was sending memorandum after memorandum to Reagan with copies to Rajiv for showing that they “care” and can dance to the tune of Delhi’s expectations. Would they do it for an or By an Analyst dinary citizen of India? If Mahatma Gandhi had just written a letter to the then viceroy of India, Bhagat Singh’s life would have been saved, but Gandhi did not do it for different reasons.

Centre does not Represent Hinduism

(A Sarkari Sikh view.) No it represents a degenerated, opportunist psyche which got sharpened in Nehrus house, mothered by Indira and finally schooled in Doon and Cambridge. It is an elitist corporate behavior which still mystifies many Sarkari Sikhs. The ambivalent behavior is due to identity crisis. The perception is selective and the reduction of anxiety is achieved through excessive identification with the aggression!

Armored Cars Patrol Gujarat.

 To protect Harijans, in Gandhi Nagar or to protect Hinduism but it supports Shiv Sena, R.S.S., killing of minorities and attacking their temples through armored cars.

First Mirage Reaches India

Its opening ceremony will be performed by singing “Rajiv Pati Raghu Raja Ram” and sprinkling Ganga jal!

Thousands Clash in Bhopal with police

 Because they could not see them coming.

Vajpayee phones are tapped

Congress (I) wants to stay ahead of him in developing strategies for making India a Hindu Rashtra.

Gen. R.S. Sparrow Heads Panjab Congress

Let us see how long it will take Randhawa and Darbara to shoot the “sparrow” and then blame the Sikh youth for their “ungodly” act.

Hindu groups spreading out

They have taken over India, do they intend to go to Lebanon or Iran now!


“Black Money” put at $30 billion

“Lakhshmi,” the money goddess, of India comes through “back, black doors and gives its blessing to those who are less than human! It is a miracle that these figures were produced in just 40 years. In another 40 years it would be 100 billion stored by 100 families of India. After all Ram Raj has come and Ram was not an ordinary man, he was a king!

100,000 Criminals on Bail

 After getting bail, they have joined the Congress (1)

Can we survive Teaching Each other lessons

The lessons are being taught to the minorities. But when the minorities get going to teach the majority a lesson they get labeled as extremists, and only then the army is called to keep law and order. Before that rationalizations are used such as “when a great tree falls, the earth is bound to shake!” First of all it was not a great tree; it was a dried outworn stick. Moreover, how come, the earth shook only in congress (1) ruled provinces?

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 26, 1985