We are all coconuts, Brown from the outside, white from inside

Will you help us?

We grow on an uprooted tree, the tree is from the East, but the soil is not!

When a storm arises in the East, Our branches get tangled in the West, Some coconuts get separated.

Some fall

Some don’t some just hang on there (wondering what


We are all coconuts,

Brown on the outside,

Trying desperately to be brown inside, Will you help us?

Some crack open and ask, ‘““Who am I?” Others may take a few more blows! How many blows can we take?

How hardiis our shell?

We are all fallen coconuts, do not collect us, and don’t blame the victims,

Just accept us, and,

Plant us in our adopted soil; we will start a new tree from the East.


Article extracted from this publication >>  February 15, 1985