Rahul: Daddy, what is a power base?

Rajiv: A power base, son, is like the roots of a tree. Just like a tree cannot stand without its roots, a politician cannot survive without a power base. To be an effective leader, son, you have to have the backing of strong, influential people who will stand behind you through thick and thin. These people are your power base.

Rah: But daddy, why would they do that for you?

Raj: Well, son, these are ambitious people with their own interests. You look after their interests and they will support you.

Rah: Daddy, I think, I understand why you cannot arrest the mob leaders and the murderers of the Sikhs.

Raj: You do?

Rah: Yes, dad, if you arrest them, it will be like cutting your own roots.

Raj: But, son, my roots are in the masses of India.

Rah: Also, dad, you can either have them in jail or in your parliament.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 15, 1985