* India’s diplomacy has served neither its mediating role nor the Tamil cause, which it espoused More noisily than wisely, nor ~ Peace and nonalignment in the Indian Ocean region, nor the country’s own large and long term interests,

B.G. Verghese in Indian Express

* Is Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi not a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler?

Sun of Colombo

* India aims out “regional hegcomunism” while “camouflaging itself under a cloak of nonalignment”,

Island of Colombo

* In the 40 years since World War II Japan has achieved the highest standards of health and education in the world, More than 80% of the population consider themselves middle class, The abiding impress ion is of economic affluence (the department stores put London city to shame), Tokyo reportedly has more neon lights than any city. except Las Vegas, Women can go anywhere at night and are not  frightened to use the subway.

 Financial Times

* Six children of the Bachchan brothers are attending a school in ‘Switzerland in which the monthly school fees per child is one lakh rupees,

Jethmalani in News India

**You can’t remove blood stains by blood. You need some other chemicals”.

Giani Zail Singh on Punjab State terrorism.

* Today’s rulers are milking the ‘masses in the same way the British took wealth out of India before


 V.P. Singh in New Delhi

* The Haryana Financial Corporation advanced a loan of one crore rupees with a subsidy of Rs. 10.74 lakh to Rukmani Enterprises, 2 firm owned by the son and daughter-in-law of Mr. Tapose, former Governor of Haryana to set up a 85 cylinder factory as a reward to appoint Bhajan Lal as Chief Minister.

 Devi Lal, Chief Minister of Haryana

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 4, 1987