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From Our Special Correspondent

Chandigarh — Indian

Violent actions in Punjab are still continuing. On October 2 a car was blown up in Amritsar. On Oct 3 one Raghunath Lal was killed and his companion Gurinder Kumar was seriously wounded in a village Jakharwal in Gurdaspur District when two unidentified assailants fired upon them. Two unidentified persons also killed Jagdish Chander, Headmaster, and govt. Training School in the Nurpur Village in Amritsar and escaped with 40,000 rupees, meant for the salaries of the school staff on Oct 4. In another incident two policemen were injured when a transistor bomb exploded at Amritsar. Two Tailway gang men Mr. Ram Dhan and Mr. Parkash Chand were also killed the same night while they were on duty at Jullundur Hoshiarpur section railway.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 11, 1985