Truth and justice shall triumph always. And since truth and justice are on the side of the Sikhs, they are bound to triumph. We have said this before also. That is how as we write this the Govt. is virtually surrounding to the brave Sikhs.

Even as India’s Ruling Class marched its Army into Punjab (Hindu War against Sikhs DV June 16, 1984), destroyed the Golden Temple, Amritsar, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, killed Sant Bhindranwale, butchered thousands of innocent Sikhs and the Hindu press whipped up a mad countrywide anti Sikh hysteria to which even our communist parties succumbed, and when the whole country was made to rejoice over the spilling of Sikhs blood and then cry for more blood  we had taken the grave risk of supporting the Sikhs.

It was an unconditional support and we were ready to pay any price for it. Because having made a study of the Sikh military religion and their militant struggle we know that in this war between the anticaste Sikh “plebian political revolution” as one writer puts it, and the caste based racist religion of hatred, Brahminism based on graded inequality, the former is bound to win.

In coming to this conclusion we were guided by the law of contradictions. Just as an armed conflict with the Mughals became inevitable for the pursuit of the egalitarian Sikh mission then and Guru Arjan took the necessary initiative and won, the 198485 conflict with Brahminism is also an inevitable and unavoidable step towards further purifying Sikhism. The war between Sikhism and Brahminism is the most important event in the history of “Independent” India and hence it has a great historical significance.

Two conflicting ideologies are bound to clash and such a clash must be welcomed. And that is how we welcomed it and did our best to sharpen it. And we proved right. The war is not yet over. It is just the beginning. Only the first phase is over.

Sikhs might have paid heavy price for this victory — both in lives and property. What is lost in lives can be produced. Property lost can be earned. But a much bigger loss in self-respect humiliation they suffered can be recovered only if they are prepared to lose some more lives and’ property. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. Sikhs belong to the first category.

We know the Sikh heart is bleeding, burning. And the meek, cowardly Hindu knows how to knuckle under attack. His calculations misfired. He thought the Sikhs would be frightened into submission. Instead the Sikhs have become like that wounded tiger on prowl.

This is exactly the position today. For waging the war against the Sikhs, the Hindus had to pay the price for losing the very life of the leader who sent the Army into Punjab. But now that they have recaptured political power by cashing in on the Hindu hatred against the Sikhs, they don’t want to risk another danger perhaps a bigger one.

Hindus, so notorious for their cowardice, don’t want to lose their servants. And they have been counting on Sikhs as one of their most loyal servants, as their bodyguards and gatekeepers. But they are now afraid that Sikhs in anger may join hands with the Muslims and other oppressed victims. And this may turn out to be a terrible disaster that too in the strategic border area in North.

Their American friends have also advised them to compromise with the Sikhs. That is why the Hindu has begun to crawl when he was asked only to bend. All of a sudden his anger is gone. All preconditions for talks with Sikhs given up, Sikh leaders released, army units withdrawn, pre censorship lifted, Governor replaced. More ‘‘concessions” will come. Even the Anadapur Sahib resolution, called antinational yesterday, has suddenly become a welcome document.

Not only that the Hindu Nazis, who were the root cause of all this conflict, sent lawyers to defend the Sikh hijackers to Pakistan and Akali Dal chief Longowal. They are also now demanding a judicial probe into the Delhi anti Sikh riots after engineering this massacre of over 3,000 in Delhi alone.

Why this sudden change of heart? Because the cowardly Hindu knows that if he doesn’t bend right now, the Sikhs will break his back. This is nothing new with the Hindus. The Hindu knows when to act brave and when to wilt and weep. And to cover his cowardice, he has invented a high sounding and highly deceiving gambit of “Gandhian ahimsa” (nonviolence).

But Sikhs are in no mood to listen. They don’t believe in this Gandhian humbug. To them the Anandpur Sahib resolution has now become secondary. The question of resolving the Punjab tangle has receded to the background. “Now, the main issue is the future of the Sikhs and the Sikh religion in India,” (Statesman March 3) said Longowal. Brave words referring to the storming of the Golden Temple, he said: “Even Aurangazeb did not commit such atrocities on the Sikhs as the present Govt.”

One of the conditions to resume talks is said to be that “Sikhs should denounce individual terrorism.” But when the Ruling Class, which launched the “State terrorism”, is not prepared to denounce it, how can the Sikhs agree for this? The position today is that Sikhs are on the defensive. See the change within one year! It is the Hindus who are begging the Sikhs to come to talks conceding all their demands. Why the Ruling class is falling head over heels to woo the Sikhs now after wounding them badly? Why it did not concede even a part of their demands before the June 1984 Army action? Too late.

There is definitely a trap in this tiger’s offer to turn vegetarian. Sikhs should not fall into this trap. How could they trust people who distributed sweets and danced in the streets as the Sikh blood flowed into the Amritsar gutters?

How can they depend upon Hindu Nazi lawyers to defend them? There is definitely a trap in this. On one side they cry for Sikh blood and when the blood is spilt they pretend to weep over it. Strange behavior. Public memory may be short but not that of the Sikhs. They have fully studied the narcissist Hindu mind. When we are weak it will pounce on us and when it becomes weak, it begs and offers to compromise. History is full of such instances of Hindu duplicity. Otherwise, how did the Anandpur resolution dubbed antinational only yesterday, has suddenly become a fit subject to be referred to Sarkaria Commission overnight? Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 31, 1985