Rangoon, Burma — five people were injured when a train engine and passenger coach overturned and five other cars jumped the rails after the train ran over a mine, the official Burman News Agency said today.

The agency blamed rebels for the attack Thursday night 122 miles north of Rangoon as the train headed toward Mandalay. Five passengers’ three women and two Buddhist monks were slightly injured in the incident, the agency said.

It was the first rebel attack in five years against a train on the Rangoon Mandalay line, the agency said. It did not identify the rebels, but the area in which the incident occurred is known to have a sizeable community of Karens, an ethnic group.

The last attack against a train on that line took place in February 1980, when a freight train was blasted off the rails 102 miles north of Rangoon, killing six men.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 25, 1985